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About us

Who is Guard.ip™?

Guard.ip™ provides both strategic purchasing and reverse engineering services in support of business analytics and intellectual property activities. We effectively source hard-to-obtain products for clients wishing to learn more about technology in the marketplace and, in some cases in competitive or infringing products. It brings a wealth of experience in procuring products and providing reverse-engineering services in support of intellectual property licensing and litigation, including IP litigation.

Our Clients

Our clients are Intellectual property rights-holders, technical/legal experts, journalists, investors/financiers, and others. The applicability to IP rights-holders is discussed in more detail above with respect to IP licensing and litigation. Journalists, particularly technology journalists, often publish product summaries that provide details about products’ technical specifications, including components, even in circumstances where the product purveyor does not provide the component information directly. Investors may be interested in a product’s bill of materials, for purposes of making investment decisions based on suppliers of such components (e.g., new suppliers, changed suppliers, or use of in-house components).

This is common when a new iPhone is released, for example. Litigation finance companies and/or litigation insurance companies wishing to conduct due diligence in connection with funding or insuring an IP litigation or licensing matter may wish to obtain their own independent analysis of infringement or size of market opportunity.

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What Services Does Guard.ip™ Provide?

Truth Through Transparency

Our patent analysis is carried out by seasoned patent professionals with over two decades of experience in high-technology patent prosecution, litigation, and licensing. We employ a legal framework that establishes patent infringement, offering substantial support for U.S. federal patent infringement litigation under Rule 11. Additionally, our analysis can aid in patent monetization efforts, whether through licensing, joint ventures, or other commercialization avenues. It's also invaluable for shaping patent prosecution strategies for pending or planned patent applications.

Strategic Purchasing

When you purchase a targeted product for inspection to protect against a potential copyright infringement, it is commonly referred to as "strategic purchasing." This practice involves acquiring a specific product to assess whether it infringes on your copyrighted work.

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  • Identify

    Client identifies which item or product to be acquired

  • Quote

    Once a target has been identified by the client, we provide a comprehensive quote

  • facilitate

    The client's target is legally obtained and delivered

  • Evaluation

    Engineer evaluates & assesses client targeted product

  • Quote

    We provide a comprehensive quote on all work that is to be completed

  • Report

    A construction report is generated, providing all required files & bill of materials in the construction of client targeted product

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering can be utilized to protect against copyright infringement in multiple different situations.

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