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Truth Through Transparency

Truth Through Transparency

Introducing GUARD IP™
We take pride in presenting GUARD IP™, a comprehensive solution that merges reverse engineering and patent analysis into a powerful report. Our commitment to transparency is at the core of this offering, aligning perfectly with our mission of “Truth through Transparency.”

Unveiling the Components

Our report is a dual-component marvel. First, it delves into a meticulous reverse-engineering analysis of your chosen product. This involves a detailed exploration, complete with photographs capturing the product's inner workings before and during disassembly.

We provide schematic illustrations of electronics, component listings (comprising a bill of materials), data sheets, and signal and spectrum analyses. In cases where it's necessary and dependent on the product's technical complexity, our reverse engineering extends to include photographs of decapped semiconductor layers or reverse-engineered source code and firmware.

Patent Analysis

This reverse engineering analysis sets the stage for the report's second component—a patent analysis. In the form of a claim chart, we map the elements of one or more patent claims onto the product, drawing from the insights gained during the reverse engineering phase. Our patent analysis is carried out by seasoned patent professionals with over two decades of experience in high-technology patent prosecution, litigation, and licensing.

We employ a legal framework that establishes patent infringement, offering substantial support for U.S. federal patent infringement litigation under Rule 11. Additionally, our analysis can aid in patent monetization efforts, whether through licensing, joint ventures, or other commercialization avenues. It's also invaluable for shaping patent prosecution strategies for pending or planned patent applications.

Truth Through Transparency

Going the Extra Mile

Should you require assistance in procuring the product for analysis, Guard.ip™ has you covered. We offer value-added services to augment the core GUARD IP™ report, including procurement documentation that establishes a clear chain of custody. If necessary, we can handle importation logistics and provide information on the storage and warehousing of the disassembled product.

Furthermore, we extend our expertise through strategic consulting services. We assist clients in developing monetization and commercialization strategies based on the insights derived from the GUARD IP™ report.

Choose GUARD IP™ for a comprehensive, transparent, and powerful solution to your IP infringement and pre-litigation analysis needs.