Strategic Purchasing

In many industries, companies sell products through a private or trusted chain of distribution, rather than to the public or at retail.  In these situations, the identity of the customer or its purpose for obtaining a product may be important to the supplier, and buyer anonymity can be an impediment to consummating a purchase and/or receiving a product. 

For example, a company may not wish to supply a product to an entity that it knows will not ultimately use the product but may instead disassemble and evaluate the product to learn how it operates and its componentry, either for business or competitive reasons. 

For example, a buyer may be interested in learning about the components of a product in support of investment decisions in the product or makers of component within the product. 

Often a product supplier wishes to keep this information secret or at least hard to discover, to inhibit competitors from copying or making allegations of intellectual property infringement.  In such a situation, a buyer’s agent, like Guard.IP fills a gap because it allows the interested buying party to remain anonymous to the supplier, thus preserving a higher likelihood of ultimately obtaining the product and thereby learning information about the desired product. 

Guard.IP has a long track record of procuring these products for clients in a way that protects the buyer’s anonymity.  Once the buyer has the product or products in-hand, it is free to analyze them or have them analyzed according to the buyer’s objective in obtaining the product.

Case Study

Between the years of 2019 and 2022, we worked closely with a particular Client to do the following: 

• Strategically purchasing over 190 individual items
• Strategically purchasing 11 licensed items
• Strategically purchasing 5 large-scale active target items